40 Early Mornings Fall 2019

An Intimate, Virtual collective dedicated to 40 days of yoga + meditation practice, self-study, exploration, and growth beginning sePtember 21.


Do you feel inspired every time you take a yoga or meditation class, but still find it challenging to figure out how to practice on your own — or stay committed and consistent once you’ve started?

Is there something bubbling up beneath the surface that is begging to blossom — a shift, transition, healing, adventure, change — and that you need support and structure to bring to life before the end of this year?

Are you finally ready to step forward for yourself, your life, your dreams in a bold and vulnerable way — and be supported by a group of inspired seekers searching for more in their daily lives too?

Are you looking for a chance, every day, to connect to what you love?


If you answered yes, 40 Early Mornings is for you.


I know what it’s like to deeply desire a shift in your life, but feel frustrated because you’re not sure how you’ll find the time, the energy, the structure, and the support to actually step towards the change you dream about.

I also know what it’s like to spend anxious hours worrying about the “shoulds” and the “if only, thens” — especially when it came to taking better care of myself and showing up everyday in a way that consistently supported the biggest visions I had for my life.

And, let’s be honest, I also know what it’s like to have an on-again, off-again relationship with a yoga and meditation practice.

A decade ago, this was undoubtedly me.

I was a busy corporate lawyer, diving head down into my work, but not nearly devoting enough time and energy to taking care of myself in a way that not only made me feel good but also inspired me to show up authentically and honestly — in other words, to own what I truly cared about and bring it to life.

During this time, I would go to a yoga class several times week and always feel good when I was there. I would dabble a few days in a row in meditation, and then leave it behind for a quicker hit of happiness. (You should have seen my shoe collection back then!)

But I craved more — more consistency — more clarity — more community — more contentment, everyday.

In 2013, it was time.

I had a teacher who said once: “You’ll do a thing until you don’t.”

For me, these words hit home when I stopped procrastinating and putting off what I wanted most by the seemingly simple decision to finally dedicate myself to a personal daily practice.

And though there’s no perfect time to dive all into your life, there’s often a “better than usual” time — meaning you can find just enough space for yourself. Or your desire to burst and blossom and grow can no longer be contained. It’s finally the right time.

It’s impossible to quantify the value of what a daily spiritual practice has brought to my life, but I’ll do my best. My practice has given me …

— the last 6 years of time spent doing the work I actually love that fulfills and inspires me each day — without my practice I wouldn’t have been able to recognize that my old career path was no longer serving me OR make the changes I needed to do something (wildly!) different.

— 5.5 years with my husband — no joke, I wasn’t ready to show up for someone else until I figured out how to get right with myself. Before a steady daily practice of my own, I was a serial monogamist, a hopeless romantic, always looking for someone else to give me what so deeply desired — love. (ahem, this might be a topic for a WHOLE other course!). Maybe it was just a coincidence. But when I got rooted in my daily practice, when I dove deep into that relationship with myself, I could finally do the same with someone else.

— 41 weeks and 5 days of a vibrant pregnancy. A home birth (where I used the exact meditation we’ll practice together in 40 Early Mornings to help me through 16 hours of labor, again — no joke :)). And now 2 years of mothering. I can tell you simply that I could not show up for my son in a full, compassionate, and (mostly!) patient way, without showing up for myself everyday in my own practice.

And the qualitative shifts amplify the same :

— patience, compassion, and presence that is slowly but surely improving my other relationships — especially the most difficult ones.

— an unshakeable sense of confidence, the ability to stay with myself, trust my intuition, and move forward with equanimity no matter the external circumstances. No doubt, what I practice each day on my mat or meditation cushion informs how I show up in the rest of my life.

— and community, which you definitely can’t put a price on. I’ve never felt as supported as I do when I’m shoulder to shoulder (even virtually!) with a collective of open-hearted, thoughtful practitioners — seekers, dreamers, cosmic movers + shakers + change-makers, just like you.

I share my own story, not because I have it all figured out — HARDLY. I share it to let you know these three keys takeaways I’ve learned from my own journey so far :

FIRST — I understand intimately what it feels like to desire a deep shift, growth, or transition, but still not be quite sure how to take the first step, how to make a plan, and how to feel supported along the way.

SECOND — I can show you exactly what it takes to create space for a personal daily practice, to harness its potential for change in your life. And I can give you the tools, techniques, trouble-shooting work arounds, and the support you need to make it possible for YOU.

THIRD — I know this to be true : “What we practice we become.” (Thanks Krista Tippett for this stunning piece of wisdom!). It’s one thing to talk about, think about, dream about what you desire in your life. It’s another thing entirely to embody it each day in practice.

So what exactly is 40 Early Mornings?

Before I tell you what it’s all about, I want to tell you how this program came to be.

My whole life, I’ve been in a rush.

Feeling like I’m always behind where I should be. Not achieving or accomplishing or arriving fast enough.

Especially since we’re surrounded by a barrage of culturally-endorsed messages: get it all done now! Today! Or better yet — yesterday.

Around the same time I find a flow with my daily practice, I found these lines from Rumi. And I finally felt like I’d been set free from all that noise. I could trust there was another, quieter, slower + steadier, yet, even more potent way:

“A new moon teaches gradualness and deliberation,
and how one gives birth to oneself slowly.

Patience with small details makes perfect a large work, like the universe.

What nine months of attention does for an embryo
forty early mornings
alone will do
for your gradually growing wholeness.”

— Rumi

Those words gave me the deepest hope and trust in the belief that good things take time.

And I knew that my practice was my personal, daily invitation — one I had to accept — to step forward and cultivate my own gradually growing wholeness.

Our attention to something we care deeply about — like a daily visit to ourselves, our own hearts, our inner truth, our deepest longings in practice — is the beginning of devotion. Of moving through this life with intention, reverence, and purpose. A deeply essential sense of who you are, what you love, and what you can offer to this world through your good work.

Since I first began to implement this wisdom and practice into my own life, I’ve spent the last several years guiding hundreds of other open-hearted seekers just like you and heard them describe their own experience of developing a daily personal practice like this:

— a full appreciation that this life is a journey and what it means to actually approach it “one day at a time”
— a new sense of “calm” even when the default had always been toward anxiety
— “less thinking, more feeling” and a deeper connection to spirituality
— how to read the energy of a day or even a particular moment and give yourself exactly what it is you need
— energized by the support of a group of like-minded practitioners starting their day in the same way
— inspired to grow, to look inward, and to even “dust off” the areas of life that have gone unattended for too long
— contentment each day and the ability to better manage the inevitable curve balls of life with “kindness and love”
— grounded and paying better attention both on and off the yoga mat
— “strong inside and out” with the “strength to explore more”
— “much more open and resilient in my body”

It’s out of moments like this — steady and gradual and deeply felt — that 40 Early Mornings was born.

An intimate virtual collective of people on the path, journeying through 40 days of personal practice (side-by-side in so many ways), coming together each week around common themes of exploration and self-study and support.

Think of this experience like a yoga retreat brought to life — but on your own terms, with your own schedule, in your own home. All that magic seamlessly woven into the fabric of your everyday life this Fall (and beyond!), as we begin together September 21.

Here’s how 40 Early Mornings is designed :

Our 40 days together is structured around 4 phases of exploration :
— First, we ARRIVE together. Our first week, we’ll the foundation of practice, create literal space in our lives as we settle into this new cycle, and mark the the beginning with clear intentions for these 40 days of practice.
— Next, we work through a cycle of DISSOLUTION — letting go, surrendering, and making more space for ourselves. Here we address common obstacles to practice, look at the real-life habits and energies that might be holding you back, and create invitations to release what’s no longer serving us.
— With this new found clarity and space, we move toward IGNITION. Bolstered and emboldened by the energy of daily practice, we can light the fire of what it is we seek to call into our lives in this moment. Fan the flames and gather around together to share stories of what it is we each truly desire.
— Finally, as we near the completion of our 40 days together, we cultivate SUSTENANCE. How we can stay connected and committed to practice after our collective journey together officially ends. We’ll look at real strategies and plans for continuing to nurture your daily practice. In a one-on-one call, we’ll work together to refine and align your personal practice to your unique needs going forward so you can emerge from 40 Early Mornings with a fully-stocked tool kit for connection, trusting innately that you’ve got this.

This Fall, 40 Early Mornings is inspired by the seasonal theme of HARVEST. We’ll explore together what it feels like to transition with intention from summer’s light-hearted, sweet songs to the deeper rhythms of Fall into Winter. We’ll collect the season’s bounty of beauty — actively seeking it out in our lives through daily practice. We’ll harness the autumnal invitations toward a sense of new beginnings, new year, reflection, and resolution. And we’ll weave seasonal self-care into our practice, specifically designed to keep you feeling vibrant, even as the days grow shorter and colder.

And Here’s Exactly what’s Included for you:

— 40 days of support, community, and connection
— A “short-form practice” that will be our daily “bread and butter” — a simple, yet wildly potent Kundalini meditation practice you can do in only 11 minutes each day
— And each week, a new “long-form practice” video to help you stock your practice tool kit with a full range of additional practices from vinyasa to restorative yoga to breathing and other meditation techniques and potent prompts for your own journaling and self-reflection
— 4 video lectures to help ground and guide you in the 4 phases of our time together: Arrival, Dissolution, Ignition, and Sustenance
— 4 group calls to ground us in each of the 4 phases (recorded so if you miss it, you’ll have access to them for the life of the program)
— Daily email inspiration — so each you’ll wake up each morning to a short, sweet reminder that we’re all in this together and you have exactly what you need to keep going
— Pop-up early morning group practice calls — which means we’ll hop on the line together a few of those early mornings and receive the gift of collective practice. I’m right in this with you!
— A 60-minute one-on-one call (plus exploratory questionnaire) so we can sit down together and work through your unique obstacles and set-backs, refine and align a personal practice plan that nurtures your personal desires, areas of exploration and self-study, so you feel empowered to leave our time together with a program that is 108% right for YOU
— Access to a private membership for 40 Early Mornings Fall 2019

But wait there’s more :)

When you sign up you’ll also receive as a bonus —

— The Daily Vinyasa Guide to Intention Setting so you can start clarifying your vision for our time together
— A welcome note in the (snail!) mail as a thank you for joining the program


Reserve your spot in 40 Early Mornings Fall 2019 —

— A one-time payment of $540
__ OR get started with an investment of just $147.50 (Your 4-installment-payment plan of $147.50 will be billed every 2 weeks, for a total investment of $590).

Click one of the options below to reserve your space today

And, the Not-so-Fine Print :

Because I have a limited number of spots available in order to give each of you the energy and attention you deserve and admission is on a rolling basis, I won’t be able to offer refunds at this time, which means that all purchases are final. I trust you can make the wisest, most honest and heartfelt decision for yourself.

And if you still have questions about whether this is truly the right decision and time to commit to your daily personal practice, I’m happy to set up a time to talk — you can email me at catherine@thedailyvinyasa.com or seriously, just text me at 570.262.9250 and we’ll take it from there. (You can also check out the FAQ below!).

I also fully get that “life happens” so if you need to step away from the program before October 21, I’m happy to transfer your investment to our next session, beginning December 21, 2019.

And to be clear, this is N O T a quick fix, a magic pill, or even an easy 3-step guarantee to your best life.

What you put into your practice will be a good indicator of what you’ll receive from it.

Your participation, your vulnerability, your honest efforts, your patience, your presence, your attention, your devotion — all are required.

This isn’t something anyone else can do for you.

But I can meet you exactly where you are, help you move through obstacles, blocks, and sticky habits that are getting in your way. I can help you ignite the sparks of inspiration, intention, and innovation for all you seek to bring forward in your life. I can give you the tools, techniques, and my unwavering support, so that you can show up for yourself and nurture a practice that will continue to nourish you for as long as you stick with it.

These are tools for a lifetime. And trust me — you already have everything you need to make this happen.

Imagine what you could feel like and your life could look like after 40 days of spiritual practice, of support, of personal work and self-study, of showing up for yourself in a big way.

Only you can see it, taste it, feel it. And I can help you get there.

Thank you so much for being here and bringing this first ever 40 Early Mornings to life — I can’t wait to see what Fall 2019 holds. You’ve already begun to write the story of your next chapter by investing today. Our official journey begins September 21.

xo Catherine  



Do I need to be a “yogi” or seasoned meditator to participate? AKA what if I’m the busiest, most-stressed out person in the whole world who can’t sit still or touch their toes? :)
You don’t need any proven track record of participation in yoga or meditation to begin. What you need is curiosity and the ability to commit to your own personal decision to try new things, dedicate your attention, time, and energy to yourself each of the 40 days (and I hope beyond!). The practices in the program are accessible and I break everything down for you — with video, audio, and text help (plus trouble shooting on our group and one-on-one calls).

What exactly is a practice anyway?
In essence, a practice is any intentional path home to yourself. I use the terms “practice” “personal practice” “daily practice” and “spiritual practice” interchangeably to mean this. The components of a practice — the tools in your practice tool kit — can include yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, other forms of reflection, contemplation, and self-study like reading and writing, other movement forms, prayer and gratitude practices, and self-care shifts, including those grounded in the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda. Your practice can be as short or as long as you need it to be each day — which is why we ground our 40 days with our “short-form practice” — a Kundalini-based meditation practice that takes 11 minutes. And we carve out time together for “long-form practices” designed as a mini retreat to help deepen your daily experience.

How many people will be participating in the program?
My intention is that this intimate experience will strike the right balance between feeling like you’re part of a supportive community, but also like you’re getting the attention and support you need for your practice. The maximum I’ll accept for the Fall 2019 40 Early Mornings is 25.

How much one-on-one attention will I get?
In addition to the group offerings, which include live group phone calls each week, where you’ll get to submit your own personal questions to me (and the group to crowdsource support), I’ll set up a 60-minute one-on-one call with each participant to address your individual questions, concerns, and needs to help you create a customized personal practice for YOU to sustain you for the rest of Fall 2019 and the time to come. Our conversation will be not only informed by our group material, but I’ll also send you a questionnaire to fill out ahead of time, which means I’ll spend additional time uniquely preparing for each private, personalized phone call. Anywhere you’re stuck, I’ll share all my feedback, ideas, strategies, insights, and loads of resources that have worked for me and my students over the hears to help you move through. You can literally ask me anything. I’m an open book. So I hope you feel emboldened to ask for and receive exactly what it is you need from this session.

How long will I have access to the materials?
I’ll grant participants access to the materials of the 40 Early Mornings course that you’re enrolled in (in this case Fall 2019) for one year, until 40 Early Mornings Fall 2020 begins. Imagine that — by then, you’ll be 365 days into your practice! (And not to fear, I’ll always offer special rates and bonuses for alumni. You’re part of a collective that’s ongoing, no matter what the calendar says!).

What if I need support / have additional questions / tech issues during the program?
I’m at your service, my dear. You can always email me at catherine@thedailyvinyasa.com

How long do I have to decide if I’d like to join?
This is an intimate program with a limited number of spots so I can dedicate my intuition and attention with gusto to each of you.Enrollment will be on a rolling basis. Once we’re at maximum capacity, doors will close to this program and it won’t be offered again until December 21, 2019. If you’re on the fence, my best suggestion is to set up a time to talk about it so you feel empowered to make the best decision for how YOU want to step forward for yourself, your life, and your work in the world this Fall. Email me at catherine@thedailyvinyasa.com to set up a call.

Who’s leading the program?
That would be me, Catherine Zack! I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation for the better part of 18 years and teaching both for the better part of the last decade. I’ve led countless students through the practice of yoga and meditation in all kinds of settings — including yoga teacher training programs, weeklong retreats around the world, weekly classes, workshops, private instruction, and I’ve even led 1000 yogis in Washington’s National Cathedral in practice. I’ve completed 580 hours of my own yoga teacher training, and am humbly grateful to call inspired yogis and meditators like Shiva Rea, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Elena Brower, Shawn Parell, Carrie Ann Moss, Pema Chodron, Tara Brach, Sam Breschi, and many more among my dear teachers. Every day, just like you, I’m endeavoring to show up to my own daily practice. Thank goddess it’s a practice, and not a perfect.

So what exactly are my next steps to join?
Click on either link below to secure your spot today with your investment in full or your first payment (the second payment will be billed to you one month from today (or at another agreed-upon time before October 21, 2019). If you still have questions, let’s set up a time to chat in the next few days. You can email me at catherine@thedailyvinyasa.com to set up our call.