An invitation, loves:


As a mama, a sister, a wife, a yogi, a teacher, a meditator, I feel compelled to contribute what skills I have to participate in the healing & transformation of the world around me. I believe we can all do better. I believe that we can really listen to ourselves & each other. That the practice of presence that yoga & meditation teaches us is a way not only for union in ourselves but in our frayed world.

I’d love for you to join me in an act of radical, spiritual self-care: 40 days of meditation practice for healing & transformation.

This 11-minute practice can be done anywhere, anytime of day. Here are some tips on when & how to practice so you can set yourself up for success.

  • do it first thing in the morning, if you can! the longer we wait, the longer our list of excuses not to meditate gets (just me?)

  • find enough square inches where you can sit your bum down that feels clutter free & clean — even if the rest of your house is covered in laundry / toys / crumbs (again, just me?)

  • if mornings don’t work, try other pockets of “free” time throughout the day — you know those times when your brain feels like mush & your energy is low & you might otherwise mindlessly scroll through social media or bounce around the internet (come on! you know what I mean, right?!)

  • or in times of natural transition (your kids went down for a nap, you arrive home from work at the end of the day, after dinner, you feel me!)

  • and if you still haven’t made the time, do it right before bed (your eyes are closed so you can just listen & avoid the blue light!)

Our 40-day practice officially begins October 1. But you can begin any time. And if you skip a day, you can always start again. I’ll be posting a new video below for the next 40 days & sending out a love note each Monday.

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Intro & Day 1