Helping you integrate daily yoga, meditation, and self-care practices into your life, one day at a time

(without getting overwhelmed or feeling like just another item to tack onto your to do list.)


The Daily Vinyasa is brought to you by husband-and-wife, teaching duo, co-founders, and partners-in-all-things, Catherine Zack + Sam Breschi

(with special guest appearances by their toddler, Louis!).

We each came to yoga and meditation from very different places but our paths converged when we happened to put our mats down next to each other in a yoga class in 2012. By our first official date 2 years later, sitting on the back porch, under the stars, eating pizza, we were already dreaming up The Daily Vinyasa.

The one thing we know for sure -- that yoga doesn’t have to be something you just schedule, go to, or do. That the magic of a daily practice is that you can start to access the calm, connectedness, presence, patience, strength + flexibility you find on your yoga mat in the rest of your life, at any moment in your day, no matter what you’re doing.

That by practicing attention + intention through a regular yoga, meditation, and self-care practice, you can elevate everyday routine into inspiring ritual.

For Louis, for coming to us, for being the most joyful reminder of love bursting at the seams, & for teaching me to be a mama, everyday 💕 for my sister who came this weekend to take care of Lou while we worked & for always coming to help & for being an outstanding dog mom & aunt 💕 for my other sister auntie Liz who is always always thinking of & loving Lou even from afar 💕 for my parents & in-laws for showing us the way & taking such good care of our son sooo many weekends while we work 💕 for Miss BeBe & Neylet who love our kid like he’s their own (and hundreds, thousands of others over the years) at daycare & also taught him how to sit down & eat & how to nap (🙏🏼) & speak Spanish & mostly play well with others 💕 for my sister mamas, wise women ahead & alongside me on the path for the wisdom you’ve shared & the courageous caretakinf you model 💕for my neighborhood mamas who are always always there to lend a hand, take an extra baby for an hour, make evenings outside in spring a pleasure & dark cold winter ones inside fun too 💕 for our gracious students who support our choices toward balance (we’ll be stepping away from regular weekend classes after next week) 💕and for my husband (last but not least) for being my partner & co-creator in all the things, for taking Lou downstairs to make coffee every morning & give me a few minutes in bed alone & for surprising me with the wildest, most beautiful floral reminder of all the love & abundance we share 💐

It takes a village, mama. We’re so grateful for ours 💕✨💕 Happy Mother’s Day to all of you making it happen 🙏🏼 #thedailyvinyasa #theparentingvinyasa #mama #mothersday #thismama #forlouis #ittakesavillage

And that's what the daily vinyasa is all about.


Since 2014, Cath + Sam have been teaching yoga + meditation side-by-side all around the world -- from Costa Rica to Tulum to Australia to the mountains of upstate New York. You can find us leading teacher trainings, teaching weekly classes, and regular workshops right here in Washington, DC.