Go Slow. Love the People.

I was hurriedly driving down to teach a class at Flow a few weeks back, full-tilt feeling the transition into teaching from whatever else the day had brought me (I can't remember now exactly what that was, but best bets are that it entailed a whole lot of toddler wrangling!). 

Transitions can be tricky. Even if we're feeling 100% present & connected to what's right in front of us, as soon as we have to move onto the next thing, the change can be totally disarming.

Luckily, in this particularly tricky transition between mama-ing and teaching, I was on the phone with my husband (a sturdy reference point for me in all things, especially moments where I lose my way) and his voice came through loud & clear: "Go slow. Love the people."

One of the greatest gifts of a yoga practice is that it gives us the chance to actually *embody* the change we seek to effect, the feelings we want to nurture, the way we hope to show up in the world. 

Immediately, I started driving slower. I took my time walking from the car to the studio. I took extra time to connect with the yogis at the desk, settling into class, and I led us all through a spacious centering (myself included!) in order to fully arrive together from the rest of our days. The yoga poses were simple and the pace of class was -- you guessed it -- slow. I offered up a silent blessing for each person in class during savasana.

I let each moment, each move be guided by this simple mantra: "Go slow. Love the people." This mantra continues to be my daily guide. 

If you're in need of a counterpoint to the hustle & bustle of the upcoming holiday season, if you're feeling the pace around you quicken as we close out this year & transition to the next, if you want to change the way you feel, start by changing the way you move: "Go slow. Love the people."

We're so grateful to each of you. 

big love, 
xo Cath (& Sam & Lou!)

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