Who would you be without the hustle?

Happy Sunday, loves.

I have so many “ways in” to this topic. I am no stranger to the hustle — never have been, and I’m still very intimate with it, even today.

In my 20s, I was an a Type-A+++, highly-achieving, always striving, fully-devout worshipper at the altar of “busy is better.” This attitude got me through law school and into a fast-paced, exhausting career where literally the more hours I billed, the better I was rewarded. How’s that for a set of priorities?

Over the last nearly 5 years since leaving my big-law career behind, I’ve gotten some space to reflect on this script I was given — that we should always be going, never idle, that “more” & “faster” are better, let’s achieve, let’s produce, burn the midnight oil & then wake up early to do it all over again tomorrow.

Even though my line of work is wildly different these days, I still walk these DC streets & feel the PULSE & pull of that energy. It’s palpable nearly everywhere. And it’s so seductive, isn’t it? I remember first learning in law school that the response “I’m swamped” was the only right answer to the question “how are you?” When you’re swamped, you’re busy. When you’re busy, you’re important. No matter what is actually happening beneath that shimmer of efficiency and glimmer of achievement.

I notice for students that the most “difficult” part of a yoga class — more so than any arm balance or bind or inversion — is often savasana or seated meditation. We have not inherited many worthy narratives about the power and potency of stillness and rest.

The moon does it. The trees do it. We need fallow time in order to flourish. How’s that for a new script to work with?

Some ways to get you comfortable with this idea that you exist beneath the hustle…

  • go for a walk, leave your cell phone behind.

  • next time you’re on the train or waiting in line - look up & around, not down at your phone. turn off the podcast, resist the urge to leaf through the magazine. simply, be.

  • hang out with a young child. they are so close to their natural rhythms. nap when they nap!

  • come see me tonight at Flow Yoga Center for harmony restorative at 6:15pm :)

thank you thank you,

Catherine xo