Intention Setting for a Birthday + Get Your Guide!

Intention Setting for a Birthday + Get Your Guide!

Today is my 34th birthday.

34 has always been an auspicious number for me.

It’s the age my own mama was when she had me — her first of three daughters. An amazing number because I kind of always assumed that I’d have my own children in my 30s (for the record, I turned 32, less than a week after my son was born and felt like such a “young mom” ha!). Which meant I felt no pressure any earlier than that to have kids. Amen.

So 34 has always felt like a year I’d give birth to something too. And as I arrive here, I can see that my most creative, productive energy is not necessarily toward another baby (though, I’m calling that in too, this year — more on that below!), but to my work in the world.

My creative life is something I only recently discovered. It’s so funny how old labels stick around — even if we didn’t choose them for ourselves and even if they no longer fit. I was always an “academic,” never an “athlete” or an “artist.” (Unsurprising spoiler alert: I’m still not an athlete :))

All this to say, I love, love, love birthdays as a moment to take stock of where I am. What’s unfolding in my life in this moment, this year. To let go of what no longer serves me. To call in new energies, desires, and dreams. To cultivate and nurture and grow newly planted seeds.

In other words, the work of intention setting :)

And it’s no surprise I love this intention-setting practice, since in my daily work teaching yoga and meditation, leading workshops, retreats, trainings and working with my private clients means I’m alway inviting people to set an intention.

Which is why, I kind of naturally find myself here sharing this. If I’m not walking the walk, I can’t do my work in the world.

I’ve spent all month thinking about my birthday intentions for the year ahead.

And with specific care and attention since the week leading up to my son’s birthday, and in the few days since then. (I love that our birthdays are so close. My kid’s the greatest reminder I have to check in, be present, and show up fully).

So here’s what I came up with — the distilled essence of my intentions. as far as I can feel into for 34:

First, more thorough enjoyment and pleasure. Like, fun. Remember that?

Second, taking my work seriously — meaning I believe that I can share boldly, honestly + vulnerably, and generously. More on that below :)

Third, no more waiting at the edges of my life. The perfect time for all of it? It’s now.

I came to this list, after doing a total stream of consciousness More/Less list (which I’ve included below because #vulnerable is what 34 is all about!).

And if you’re interested in exercises like this, learning more about intention-setting practices, and connecting with you own vision + aspirations for whatever moment you’re in …

I’ve created my F I R S T ever written, digital, easily downloadable, and usable right now product — called The Daily Vinyasa Guide to Intention Setting — which you can check out and purchase right here!

I happily, humbly offer this Guide to Intention Setting as a way for you to step more fully into whatever cycle you find yourself in. The Guide includes more information on the why, what, and HOW to practice intention setting, including specific exercises, prompts, and practices you can do yourself to gain clarity and align your outer life with your highest inner aspirations. Not a bad idea, right?

And you don’t need your own birthday to dive in. Any fresh cycle (new moon, new month, new day, anniversary, seasonal shift, moment of life transition like job, relationship, birth, death, sickness — all of these are natural invitations to intention-setting). Or even no discern-able, explicit reason at all — any time can be the perfect time to check in.

Each of these Guides is open for you to co-create and engage with it.

Similar to taking a yoga class, where the teacher creates the container of the experience (the poses, the music, the themes, the atmosphere) and holds the space, it’s up to you to actually… do the work.

These Guides are offered in the same spirit. I imagine you engaging with it on a quiet evening or afternoon when you’ve carved out some sacred time for yourself. Or perhaps you let these guides accompany you over your morning mug of something warm.

The Guides are designed to be self-paced and self-directed so they might serve you best. Use them digitally, print them out, use them again and again as often as you’d like.

Thank you, thank you for celebrating with me, always supporting me, and allowing me to share!

xo Cath, 34 :)

p.s. check out The Daily Vinyasa Guide to Intention Setting here (on sale this week!). Happy intention setting and thank you for your support!

p.s.s. I’m accepting my own invitation to create and share more in this way. My intention is to share a few more Guides this summer, as a warm up for a bigger project I’m working on for September! I have a few Guides in the works, but if there are topics you’d love to see, please leave a comment below!

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