The story of our name + celebrating one year here at The Daily Vinyasa!

The story of our name + celebrating one year here at The Daily Vinyasa!

This month marks the first year anniversary of launching our business and brand as The Daily Vinyasa!

We’ve had many other “names” for our work along the way. We weren’t winning creativity awards for any of them — ahem, “Catherine Zack Yoga.”

And the whole time, actually, Sam and I were describing our work, our life, and our everyday rhythms as our own personal “daily vinyasa.”

It’s funny to think how long the perfect things (or people! or opportunities! or exactly what you need!) is often right in front of you before you finally notice it.

Many of you know the word “vinyasa” as a style of yoga (as in “Vinyasa Yoga Level 2 with Sam on Tuesday nights at Flow Yoga Center! :)).

Or as that series of poses you’re often tempted to skip half-way through a vigorous class (“take a vinyasa!” — the familiar plank pose, chaturanga, upward dog, downward dog flow).

But the word itself holds so much more.

From our teacher Shiva Rea and the grandfathers of vinyasa yoga as we know it today, Sam and I have always understood vinyasa to mean “to place in a special way.”

Or any set sequence or cycle that has a specific and intentional order.

A way to touch into the beginning, the middle, and the end of something that carries with it an innate rhythm and flow.

Whether it’s the beginning, the middle, and the end of a breath or a way of organizing our day, vinyasa doesn’t only exist within in the confines of a sticky, rectangular yoga mat.

For us, it began with dinner.

Back when we were “” (oy!!) — newly in love and beginning to bring not only our lives together but our work teaching yoga together, we would excitedly and dreamily find ourselves back at home at the end of a long day of teaching yoga to enter into our “dinner vinyasa.”

Even if we were preparing a super simple meal, each movement in the kitchen, each plate or bowl chosen, each veggie sliced, each step of preparation unfolded in a special and intentional way.

The candles! The music! The slow dance around to navigate the tiny space in our first kitchen!

We cared so deeply about being together, gathering around food (and let’s be honest, often a nice glass of wine!), and celebrating the end of each day with gratitude, that dinners often lasted hours — from the beginning of picking up the final few ingredients at the P Street Whole Foods next to the yoga studio after class. To the middle sequence of preparing the meal. To the ending cycle of lingering over empty plates and dreaming up plans for our life and work together. (And to the very ending sequence of forever faithfully tidy Sam cleaning up every last bit of the kitchen while I crawled into bed! Still the case … thank you, baby!).

The “dinner vinyasa” has been a special way to end our day for almost 6 years now.

And the dinner vinyasa unfolded into a complementary morning vinyasa of practice and coffee and easing into our day (this was before Lou, of course :)). And many, many mini vinyasas throughout each day.

The beautiful thing about organizing your day in this way — of seeing each part of it, each time chunk as not just an opportunity to routinely cross off your to do list and race to the end of your day exhausted, but as an invitation to find space and breath and flow in each different piece of the day — is that it allows you to elevate routine into ritual. To smooth out otherwise potentially rough transition moments. To integrate and align and balance your energy, so at the end of most days, you feel satisfied and not spent.

Now of course the beauty of this daily vinyasa thing is that it still contains the element of “practice” — meaning it’s not perfect or stagnant. It’s a living, breathing thing. Some days are rushed and messy. Or sad and sluggish. But the underlying current of intention, flow, and specialness remains. And you can more easily make your way back into the rhythm when you’ve lost it.

It was early 2018 when we realized needed a new name. (After all, we were Sam and Catherine and Lou by then!).

An early suggestion by the ever-practical Sam was “Everyday Yoga.” It was close, but not quite right. And yet, so familiar. Because we’d been in the flow of “everyday yoga” all along — The Daily Vinyasa.

Whether you’ve been taking class with Sam for over a decade, or remember the early days of Sam and Cath teaching together (Costa Rica Retreat 2015, anyone?), or you’ve just joined our community this year —


We can’t do any of this without you. We’d love to hear one of your favorite memories or moments in class, in training, on retreat, or from the blog here. If you leave a comment here or in our inbox or Instagram, we’ll select one person on Friday to receive our next Guide (out on Thursday!) for F R E E !

Thank you, thank you!

xo Cath, Sam, and Lou

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