We can wake up to the potential of each day by creating & dedicating ourselves to simple, yet profound daily rituals & practice to mark our moments, the unfolding of our days, and the cycles of transformation & change that play out over a lifetime.


Our Beginning

The Daily Vinyasa unfolded from founders Catherine Zack & Sam Breschi’s own yoga & meditations practices. After teaching yoga & meditation in Washington, DC over the years, the shift in their students & community of practitioners was undeniable. We become what we practice — we can embody the change, the transformation, the intentions we seek for ourselves, the people around us, our work, our world. We created this digital home for The Daily Vinyasa as a way to share yoga & meditation practices, stories & inspiration. , and create community that cuts across time, miles, and connects all who’d like to join. After all, yoga means “union.” The Daily Vinyasa is where I aim to explore the intersection of a yoga, meditation, spiritual practice and our everyday lives. where it all comes together. to help you access that birthright of deep connection in your daily life. To have those conversations and to get the support you need to begin to allow that feeling to infuse the quality of your days & thus your life.


“Through daily practice, we can begin to embody the highest vision we have for our lives, our work, our world, & each other.”

— Catherine Zack, co-Founder


At the heart of The Daily Vinyasa is the invitation to adopt a different want of moving through your days - the hustle, the grind, the slog into. Beyond even balance, the concept of “vinyasa” means to place in a special way,” to touch in with the beginning, the middle, and the end of every cycle. Yoga is the union, the seamless work of integrating all the ares of your life, inviting a connection. Vinyasa is the way we tap into the flow of our lives, where there is no separation, no off-duty/no on-duty. Vinyasa becomes the bridge between our inner lives & our outer selves — and thus, each other & the world around us. We can practice The Daily Vinyasa in any moment not just on our yoga mats, because what we practice we become. You can begin with this breath you are breathing right now.

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Our Mission

Our world is suffering from a ubiquitous anxiety, fractured attention, and an addiction to overdoing it. Rather than just talk about what a different way of being could be like, we seek to embody the change. What we practice, we become. And through a few simple, accessible-to-all practices. We’re on a mission to give everyone a different way to start their day. Get started today. Through our work we empower anyone who’s curious about with the simple tools of daily yoga & meditation practice, as a way for you to KNOW the experience of presence & connection which is all of our birthrights, What become what we practice and when we visit this intention daily, we create a muscle memory for it — we imprint our beings — and set our compass toward, so we can find our way back. By carving out time each day to breath, move mindfully, and we dedicate our selves with intention, so that when we lose our ways throughout our days (in conversation, in traffic, when experiencing difficulty, etc.), we can touch in with the memory of, the embodiment of presence, patience, connection, calm, love, whatever intention we seek to cultivate, we can invite in & tend to through daily practice.



days of yoga & meditation — how might you feel?


breaths we breath each day — can you start with this one?


life you have — how are you living today?


more about practice.

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Let’s Connect.

If you live in or plan to visit Washington, DC, you can find us teaching weekly classes & working with clients.

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It doesn’t have to be complicated. it doesn’t have to be simple, join us today & start right where you’re at. You can begin in this moment.

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