Yoga + Meditation
Practices for Your Real Life, Everyday.
Welcome to The Daily Vinyasa.



If you want to feel different, you can begin by changing the way you move and breathe.

We'll show you how you can practice this effortlessly and effectively, everyday.

We're on a mission to help you create simple, yet powerful yoga, meditation, and self-care practices that fit seamlessly into the flow of your daily life. We’re here to support you, so you can stay consistent with your new daily rhythm.

We make it easy for you to access the practice right in your own home and at any moment you need it throughout your day.

Welcome to The Daily Vinyasa.


“Sam gives the best, really intense assists, but we all feel extremely safe and supported in them. We leave his class feeling like magical unicorns.”

- Camie B.


Create Your daily Vinyasa.

We meet you exactly where you are.

(Seriously! We work with clients in their own homes, at work, and virtually! We got you!)

You don’t need more of what you’re already doing. So we’ll work with you to customize a practice that helps access more of what you need, everyday.

If you’re stressed, we’ll build a routine to help you calm down + fall asleep easier at night. If you’re busy, we’ll support you with meditation practices that will help you focus, stay present, and be all in with whatever it is you’re doing. If you’re tight, sore, inflexible, we’ll help you build strength, flexibility, and space in your body to feel better.

We don’t do yoga to simply get better at yoga, we do it so we can show up for our lives, our work, and the people we love. You can do it too. We’ll show you how.


“Catherine creates space for people to explore yoga for the first time, to share it with loved ones, and for seasoned practitioners to deepen their practice. I found space and people to be myself in the present moment with.  Catherine helped illuminate my path to my tribe.”

— MEgan S.