A 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training & Mentorship Program
created to give you a lifetime of inspired practices
and the capacity to access your inner teacher & voice.

Teaching from the Heart begins May 31, 2019.

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Teaching from the Heart might be for you, if…

  • You’re a dedicated practitioner of yoga and/or a graduate of a 200-hour Teacher Training Program looking for a way to embody, share, and teach the yoga you love.

  • You’re seeking to shift your yoga practice from a routine or something you “should” do into
    an inspiring, daily nourishing ritual.

  • You’re inspired to move from teaching a memorized script
    to offering an embodied experience, straight from your own heart.

  • You’re ready to trust, cultivate, and share the power of your own authentic voice as a leader & teacher.

dates & Details

Our first 100 hours are especially designed to help you deepen your understanding of & relationship to your own yoga practice. Together, we’ll build an embodied foundation of the yoga poses, acquire the tools & support to commit to your daily personal practice, study the anatomy & physiology of yoga, and gain a foundational understanding of yoga sequencing & assisting.

Module 1: The Daily Vinyasa - It’s a simple starting premise, but not always easy to stay committed to: our most heartfelt and embodied teaching offering comes from our own personal daily practice. When your own practice is a place of ease & joy, it can also be a place of service for your teaching. Our work begins here.

Friday May 31, 8am-4:30pm
Saturday June 1, 11:30am-7:30pm
Sunday June 2, 10am-6:30pm
Sunday June 8, 10am-6:30pm

Module 2: The Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga - In this practical & applied approach to anatomy, we look at bodies, assess shapes, and learn in-depth knowledge to gain functional understanding of how it all works. This is the yoga anatomy lesson you can actually use to elevate your teaching.

Friday July 12, 8am-5pm
Saturday July 13, 11am-7:30pm
Sunday July 14, 10am-6:30pm

Module 3: The Foundations of Sequencing & Assisting - In this module, we’ll explore integrated sequencing for daily practice, informed by the natural rhythm of the world around us & within us. And we’ll work together with mindfulness to facilitate a safe, consensual, and beneficial relationship with physical touch & assisting. We’ll explore how to read bodies and energetic output with our knowledge about the form and function of each posture and movement.

Wednesday July 31, 8am-5pm
Thursday August 1, 8am-5pm
Friday August 2, 8am-5pm
Saturday August 3, 11am-7:30pm
Sunday August 4, 10:30am-3pm

Our next 200 hours are designed to nurture & grow your teaching path and embody your own inner teacher. We’ll dive deeper into meditation, pranayama, and Yoga philosophy, as well as continue our exploration of “The Yoga Body” (Applied Anatomy & Physiology and the Subtle Body), Advanced Sequencing & Assisting, all emboldened by the foundation of our personal practices.

Friday August 30
Saturday August 31
Sunday September 1
Monday September 2

Friday October 4
Saturday October 5
Sunday October 6

Sunday October 27

Saturday Nov 23
Sunday Nov 24

Friday Jan 3, 2020
Saturday Jan 4, 2020
Sunday Jan 5, 2020

Saturday Jan 18, 2020
Sunday Jan 19, 2020
Monday Jan 20, 2020

Friday Feb 7, 2020
Saturday Feb 8, 2020
Sunday Feb 9, 2020

Sunday Mar 1, 2020

Thursday April 2, 2020
Friday April 3, 2020
Saturday April 4, 2020
Sunday April 5, 2020


Get started with your first payment of $499.90 (10 installments, paid monthly)
$4750 (After March 15, 2019; Payment Plans available!)
Alternative payment plans & scholarships available — email Cath & Sam at thedailyvinyasa@gmail.com to connect.


All training hours will be held at Flow Yoga Center, in Washington DC’s Logan Circle


We’d love to connect. Email Cath & Sam at thedailyvinyasa@gmail.com

we’d love for you to join us! xo, Cath & Sam

we’d love for you to join us! xo, Cath & Sam